In addition to its core reinsurance products, Alpha Re also provides reinsurance for life insurance and blocks of workers compensation claims, and offers liability close-out solutions for corporate captives.

Many seasoned life insurance blocks produce predictable cash flow streams that may be monetized through a reinsurance arrangement. By transferring assets to a reinsurer in an amount less than the reserve held, substantial surplus and risk transfer benefits can be achieved.

The reinsurance of portfolios of workers compensation claims can produce financial gains for the ceding insurer, including improvement of surplus and risk-based capital ratios. Additionally, the ceding insurer is relieved of certain insurance risks pertaining to the duration of the claim payout.

Corporate captives often contain a variety of insurance liabilities, many of which simply run off over a long time frame. Capital in the captive can be freed by transferring such liabilities to a reinsurer. This increases the financial flexibility of the sponsor’s risk management program.

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